Data and AI-driven financial technology solutions

We are a market-leader in financial services technology serving blue-chip B2B clients across a full-specturm of data and AI-rich solutions, from credit decisioning and digital banking software, to analytics and risk management, digital sales and distribution, and regulatory reporting and technology.

Data-Rich Products

Powering the modern, digitized financial services institution

Credit Decisioning

Our proprietary iDecision software and SaaS is Indonesia's leading credit decisioning engine. With sophisticated, highly customizable modules covering a range of digital banking and lending uses cases wrapped around an AI-powered core, digital lending has never been easier or more accessible.

Data & Analytics

We design, build and deploy sophisticated, bespoke data and analytics solutions, including around our custom Datalis analytics product platform. Cutting-edge models predict risk, maximize profitability, and identify and eliminate fraud.

Sales & Distribution

Our proprietary multi-channel applications and solutions digitize existing sales workflows while opening new digitally-native sales opportunities. Customizable scoring, assessment and identity workflows are programatically configurable, leading to higher acceptance rates and lower costs.


In partnership with regulators, we build and deploy highly sophisticated regulatory technology systems and scale them across huge data volumes and hundreds of reporting financial institutions. Our regtech tools are configurable and flexible, so when reporting templates change, its a few clicks to update.

Innovating in ASEAN since 2006

We are on the ground and deeply experienced in Southeast Asia, with a strong history of client successes.


Digitize at Scale

Sophisticated, market-lending technologies and solutions with an expert team

Our team of leading software developers, data engineers and AI specialists build and deploy solutions from both our in-house products like iDecision, ARVE, and Datalis as well as world-leading solutions from partners like IBM, DataRobot and Experian.